Rooming With Your Best Friend

IMG_4529Moving into your first college dorm is a rather nerve-racking experience, but getting to live with your best friend makes it much easier to transition. When deciding where to go to college, I did not base my decision off of what my friends were doing or where they would be going. It was a complete coincidence that my best friend and I decided to go to the same school. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to room together.

Personally, this was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. After having known each other for over 13 years, it made it a lot easier to get along and make new friends. By having my best friend by my side, it made me a lot more confident talking to new people and getting to know people.

Living with my best friend has been an immense amount of fun, mixed with frustration and annoyance, but that comes with every roommate situation. In this situation, the good outweigh the bad, and we are able to talk about our differences, allowing us to get over any problems and remain friends.

Often times, people will tell you not to room with your friends because you end up hating them by the end of the experience. However, I think my roommate and I have been able to make it work, and it has taught us both valuable lessons and as a result has brought us closer together.


Why I’m Not Sure If I Want to Have Children

pregnant-woman-standing-at-seaside-at-sunset.jpgAt this point in my life, I have no idea what it feels like to have children. I do not completely understand the excitement and love that parents have for their children, but I know it is strong and I know I will feel it one day if I decide to have children. I used to tell people I did not want kids of my own or I was not sure if I wanted kids, and they would always respond, “You’ll change your mind someday.”

I do not think people always understand the reasoning behind why others might not want children of their own. My personal reasoning for not being sure if I want kids is because I do not think I could handle it. I do not feel that I am capable of being responsible for another human being. I do not want to be the cause of their unhappiness or disappointment with the world. For this reason, I think if I were to decide to have kids one day I would want to adopt.

By giving birth to my biological children, I think of it as me bringing someone into this crazy world. However, if I were to adopt, I think of it as a way to better a child’s life who has already been brought into this craziness.

Maybe people are right and someday I will change my mind, but currently I am hesitant when thinking about that part of my future. Overall, it is a huge responsibility and I do not feel as if I am ready to handle it, nor do I believe I will ever be completely ready to handle it.


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Perks of Going to a Single-Sex Private High School

IMG_2552.JPGI never realized how unusual it was for me to go to a single-sex high school until I went to college. Where I am from, there are plenty of single-sex schools in the area, so it really was not strange to hear that a person went to an all-boy or all-girl school. Once I got to college, I was asked many questions about going to an all-girls private high school. Many found my background taboo, while others were more understanding.

Going to an all-girl high school really taught me a lot about not only myself, but about friendship. By going to a school that was very female oriented, we were able to form strong bonds with one another. Even if we were not necessarily friends with someone, we still looked out for each other and built each other up. I think having the environment of other girls around made everything exciting. We all would get each other excited about dances and other events happening on campus.

Many find it strange that single-sex schools exist, however I think it was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. By going to a school with other girls like myself, we were really able to develop our personal characters. I think a major key for this was that there was no distraction of boys and there was no feeling that we had to compete for attention. I definitely think boys would have caused more of a distraction in school considering any time there were boys on campus, the girls at my school would freak out.

Overall, I think it is beneficial to attend a single-sex school because I have made some of the best friends I could ever imagine in my four years at that school and I would not change my high school experience for anything.  Going to an all-girl school really is not that different than a co-ed school. If anything, I found it more fun and more easy going than going to a co-ed school.


The Story of the Time I Got Locked In a Bank Vault


While trying to brainstorm ideas of what I should write about in my first blog post, I felt that it was only necessary to share the craziest story that has ever happened to me. Naturally I thought of the time that not only I got locked in a bank vault, but 12 other members of my family did as well.

Before I dive into the story, I want to begin by giving necessary background information. My grandpa owns a construction company, and when I was thirteen years old his company purchased an old abandoned bank, which was the largest purchase the company had made so far. Therefore, to celebrate this monumental step towards success for the company, he invited my whole family, all 13 of us, to take a tour of the building and go to dinner afterwards.

So, we get to the building and my family is walking around inspecting the bank. All of us are curious as to the where they kept the money, therefore we all go to the basement where the bank vault is located. Of course, in the bank vault are hundreds of tiny boxes lining the walls, where money was once kept. We all decided to start looking through the boxes to see if anything was left behind. We never really got the opportunity to look through all of the boxes because we were hit with a distraction.

While we were searching through these boxes, my youngest cousin closed the barred door to the vault. At this moment we all began to panic because the door was locked, we were in the basement so there were no windows, and none of us had cell phone service. Now, I need to remind you that this was a rather small room, crammed with 13 people. It should also be remembered that none of us had eaten anything because we were supposed to go out to dinner after viewing the building. At this point, my mom was crying, my grandma was freaking out, and my dad, uncle, and grandpa were trying to figure out a way to get cell phone service.

Finally, my grandpa managed to get cell phone service by putting his arm out the door between the bars and holding his phone up in the air. He got ahold of a locksmith who told him we were basically stuck and he did not know if there was a way we could get out, but he would come and try to help us anyway.

It turns out that the locksmith was able to open the door for us. The vault had two doors and my cousin had only closed one. The other door was a large metal door that would be impossible to open if shut. The locksmith had assumed we had shut the large metal door, which is why he said we were stuck. He later informed us that if the large metal door was shut there would have been no way to get us out and we would have eventually died in the vault because we would have run out of oxygen.

Often times people do not believe this story because of how far-fetched it sounds, especially when I say, “I was once locked in a bank vault.” People just look at me in disbelief, but it definitely happened and it was easily one of the scariest moments of my life. Luckily we were able to escape and it left us all with an interesting story to share.

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